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Matcha green tea is, in a word, amazing.  It is a powerful detoxifier, has vitamins, minerals, antioxidants – twenty times more than pomegranites or blueberries – and amino acids.  Consider this: in order to match the potency of matcha, you would need to drink about 10 cups of regular brewed green tea.  surprise

Matcha also gives you energy throughout the day, but not the kind of jittery buzz you get from coffee – as an ex-coffee junkie, you’ll have to trust me on this one.  Although matcha does have some caffeine, researchers found that it is actually the combination of matcha’s natural properties that cause this boost of energy. This also helps improve physical endurance, so it’s great as a pre-workout drink.  Matcha boosts metabolism and helps burn body fat without raising your blood pressure or heart rate.  It contains L-theanine which is a de-stressor as well.  How awesome is that?

Here’s the thing, though.  To really enjoy matcha tea, you have to make it right.  When I first bought a cannister of Organic Matcha Powder, I put some of it in my cup of hot water and proceeded to mix it with a spoon.  Big mistake! I ended up with clumps of green powder in my hot water.  Next I tried a fork, which didn’t work too well either.

What you need to make a proper cup of matcha tea is a bamboo whisk and a bowl:

 Bamboo wire whisk and japanese tea

Matcha Whisk & Tea Spoon Natural Bamboo

If this seems silly, I assure you, after drinking one too many gritty cups of matcha green tea, it is a necessity! Simply whisk one teaspoon of the powder in the bowl with a little hot water until it is frothy.  Then pour it in a cup, add hot water, a teaspoon of coconut syrup, coconut sugar or organic maple syrup, and for a truly delicious experience, top with frothed almond milk.

I like this milk frother:

weight, Rebecca Lazar - THE PERFECT MATCHA LATTENespresso Aeroccino3 Milk Frother

Now, if only I can figure out how to make a pretty design with my milk like this picture……sadly, I’m not that talented. sad


I’d love to hear about your experience with matcha tea in the comments below!

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weight, Rebecca Lazar - THE MANY WONDERS OF DAVID'S TEAI want to talk about my latest passion – tea! Being a coffee lover, I never thought I’d get taken in by this particular obsession, yet here I am at 9 pm, drinking a matcha green tea latte (with organic skim milk, of course). I realize that may or may not sound like gibberish to you, but in any case, trust me it’s gooood.

So let me tell you how my obsession began.  I thought I knew all I ever wanted to know about tea, and having tried many different boxed varieties, I wasn’t a huge fan.  I drank green tea for it’s antioxidant benefits, of course, but I didn’t really care for any of the other teas I tried.  If I needed a medicinal herb, I occasionally drank it in tea form, but that’s about it.

Then one day my husband brought home a cute silver tin with a label that read “Forever Nuts” and handed it to me saying “This tea is awesome.”  I looked at it and replied “Perfect.  You’ve found a tea that embodies who you are!”  rolling on the floor Yeah, I know, I’m a riot.   One eyeroll (his) and a cup of tea (mine) later and I was sold.  I simply had to know where this tin of yummyness (tin of yummyness? who am I?)  came from and how I could get some more.

The first time I walked into David’s Tea at the Promenade mall and saw the rows of giant silver tins with colored labels depicting the tea flavor inside, 2 thoughts popped into my head: (1) I was going to buy a LOT of cute little silver tins of tea and (2)  At some point, the owner of Starbucks is going to get a little bit annoyed with the popularity of this place!

I credit David’s Tea with not only giving me a great education on all the different varieties and health benefits of tea out there with their awesome, informative brochure and website but also for introducing me to flavors that rival the best desserts (who needs the extra calories?)  Rich and satisfying, there’s a calorie-free, chemical-free flavor to suit your every mood and many don’t even need sweeteners. And fyi, they don’t use sulphites in their drying process which makes a Nutritionist very happy.

So what’s the downside? Well, for me, since I am a kosher-certified-food-and-drink-only gal, I’m saddened to report that not all the teas are kosher certified, but there is a pretty good number of them that are and I am told that more will be in the coming months…..also, a couple of the teas have colored candy bits in them, what’s up with that? thumbs down  But overall, a small amount of negativity in what is otherwise my new favorite place to visit.

For those who want to know, these are my current favorites (in no particular order):

  • Secret weapon, an immune-boosting white tea with an almond flavor
  • Creme brulee, a roobios (S. African decaf tea) whose name says it all
  • Spicy chocolate, another roobios tea that has little bits of dark chocolate in it
  • Exotica, an amazing pineapple/coconut herbal tea that is unbeleivable with manuka honey,
  • Organic detox, an herbal detoxifiying tea
  • …..and the aforementioned Matcha tea, which is pure green tea in a powdered form.

If you haven’t tried David’s Tea yet, you simply have to! And if you have, which ones are your favorites?

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