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Rebecca Henya Lazar, Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Certified Personal Trainer

There are so many Health Coaches, Nutritionists and Dieticians – what makes a consultation with me different?

I have been where you are, struggling to understand how to eat healthy, how to get in shape, and how to make sense of all the conflicting nutrition information out there.  It began with my childhood and teenage years, when I had near constant stomach pain, heartburn, itchy eczema on my elbows and knees, chronic headaches, and even high cholesterol by the time I was 19! While I did get mostly healthy meals at home, I ate junk food and fast food whenever I had the chance and did not connect the bad eating habits to my health problems –  I mean, if all the Doctors I went to couldn’t find anything wrong, and I “seemed” ok, then I must be healthy, right?

In addition to poor eating habits, I was given antibiotics any time I had a cough or cold, which was pretty frequent.  Back then, not many health professionals associated the overuse of antibiotics with a poor immune system so it was often prescribed for the slightest ailment, which made all my other symptoms worse.  But it was a cycle I wasn’t sure how to break because if you are told you need medication, what else can you do?

Then I thought if I was more fit, maybe I’d feel better.  I wasn’t very overweight at the time but desperately out of shape, with no idea how to exercise properly for my body type.  In college I decided I had enough of feeling lousy so I switched my major to Kinesiology & Health Science, hoping to gain some insight.  I became a certified Personal Trainer.  I researched everything I could on natural medicine on the advice of a fellow trainer who also had health issues and had been helped by a Holistic Nutritionist. Slowly my health – and fitness – started to turn around.   I then attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, twice, first to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and years later to complete the Advanced program.  I continue to stay current on research and information in this constantly changing field in order to guide my clients in the best way possible.

I did have some setbacks over the years, like when I gained 60 pounds in one of my pregnancies and had to struggle to lose it all, or when I developed chronic back pain after an overzealous fitness routine.  The more I went through, the more I learned how to help myself, and in turn, how to help others.  That is what REAL Health & Fitness is all about.  Whether it’s losing weight, or gaining muscle, feeling better, knowing what supplements to take, learning how to use natural remedies wholesome food and other holistic solutions for better health instead of over-the-counter or even prescription medication in many cases, I’m here to help you every step of the way. As a wife and Mom of 4 children, not to mention as a Jewish woman who observes Kosher food laws, I also understand the challenges and frustrations of trying to feed a family not only nutritious, healthy food that they actually want to eat but presenting great tasting Shabbat and holiday meals that don’t sabotage fitness goals.   I can RELATE to you, I FEEL your struggles, and I WANT you to succeed.  With my straightforward approach, and step-by-step process, I have been able to help numerous people feel better and meet their health and fitness goals.  At Real Health & Fitness, you will learn to make lifestyle changes that will have a long-lasting effect on the quality of your life. These changes can be gradually introduced so they are not overwhelming or difficult to achieve.

How am I qualified to help you?  The following is a list of my credentials and certificates:

  • Registered Holistic Nutritionist – Advanced Level (ARHN), Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
  • Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner (ROHP), International Organization of Nutrition Consultants
  • Honours BA in Kinesiology and Health Science with a minor in Psychology, York University
  • Certified Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise
  • Sports Conditioning Specialist, American Council on Exercise
  • Fitness Leadership Diploma, Humber College of Applied Arts & Technology
  • TRX Qualified – Suspension Trainer, Rip Trainer and Functional Training

I sincerely believe it’s never to late to get started on the path towards better health.  Don’t wait any longer – contact me today!

[Photography by: Malky Hankin Photography]