• A full strength-training program to take you through months of muscle building, fat-blasting fitness
  • Cathe Friedrich’s 2009 release
  • 36 DVD set
  • Appropriate for Advanced Level fitness only (not a beginner’s routine!)

What’s included with this package?

1. STS mesocycle #1 (12 DVD set)

2. STS mesocycle #2 (12 DVD set)

3. STS mesocycle #3 (12 DVD set)

4. STS User’s Guide

Each mesocycle lasts 4 weeks and is designed to stimulate your muscles and body in a different way. The STS program is designed to be simple and easy to use. Every STS DVD is numbered so that you can easily identify which DVD you will need for that day’s workout. Each week combines exercises you have done in the previous weeks with totally fresh exercises that you haven’t done before. This way you always have some exercises that you are familiar and more comfortable with and new exercises that will keep your body’s muscles always guessing and challenged in new ways.

Note that Ab Circuits is not included but may be purchased separately

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