The Infection-Fighting Benefits of Oregano

Orega-Sept Capsules contain the P73 wild oregano blend, which has been tested at Georgetown University for its germ-killing properties. Only the P73 wild oregano blend contains the complement of volatile oils shown to be effective in killing various common viruses, bacteria and fungi, including candida albicans.

Note that Oil of Oregano is a very safe product and has not been associated with or shown any serious side effects or negative health outcomes in thousands of years of use. It may also be prudent to ingest functional foods containing live cultures of friendly bacteria, such as yogurt, as a means to help maintain ideal levels of friendly gut bacteria if Oil of Oregano supplementation exceeds one month of continuous use, as may be warranted in many skin and nail conditions. Although Oil of Oregano primarily targets the killing of undesirable bacteria and other hostile microbes in the body, it may also minimize the concentrations of friendly gut bacteria with long-term use. To guard against this possibility, the regular ingestion of live friendly bacterial cultures from functional foods or supplementation is recommended.

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