• Made from the water soluble extracts of barley, rye, chicory roots, and dandelion roots grown on certified organic farms in Poland.
  • Has the consistency of instant coffee and can be served hot, cold, or in your favorite recipe.
  • Used as a coffee substitute or complete replacement for coffee as it tastes like a full bodied cup of coffee. No caffeine, acidity, or bitterness. No withdrawal headaches.
  • Tested to be gluten-free since gluten is removed in the water extraction process used to create Dandy Blend.
  • Kosher, Vegan, Vegetarian, and GMO-free (plants used in Dandy Blend are grown on medicinal herbal farms in Poland where GMO crops are not allowed).

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Are you addicted to coffee? Coffee is acidic and can cause gastrointestinal upset, not to mention the high caffeine levels can leave you feeling anxious and wired.  Why not try a healthy herbal blend instead? When I first tried this product, I didn’t have much hope that it would give me the coffee flavor I love, but it is surprisingly good! This product is Gluten-Free and easy on the digestive system.  Now it is my go-to, especially in the afternoon or evening! Top with almond milk, coconut sugar and cinnamon for a delicious, healthy beverage.


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