Yesterday, I posted a notice on FB that was found in a  grocery store regarding the Kashi food brand.  This particular store had removed the Kashi brand of products due to inaccurate labelling, claiming their products were “natural” and “healthy” when in fact they contain GMO’s.  This is what the notice looked like:

weight, Rebecca Lazar - GMO'S: WHAT TO LOOK FOR, WHAT TO AVOID

GMO’s, or Genetically Modified Organisms, are in many of the foods we eat on a daily basis.  Health conscious consumers understand the dangers of GMO’s and want food manufacturing companies to be legally obligated to label their foods as GMO or non-GMO.  However, as of now, this is not a requirement by law.

So what exactly are GMO foods, how are they made and why should they concern you? Click here for the answer to these and other important questions.

If you decide you want to stay clear of GMO’s, you can download this handy guide that lists all the companies dedicated to bringing you non-GMO products:                                        Non-GMO-Shopping-Guide

What is your opinion? Are you as opposed to GM foods as I am or do you beleive it will not be a major negative impact on health?  Would love to hear your comments.

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