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  • I am so grateful to Henya. She truly changed my life! She helped me understand which foods and supplements work best for me. I not only had more energy and got sick less often but I lost weight and kept it off. she is always encouraging and realistic with my goals. I was able to change my eating habits and take on a more healthy lifestyle and stick with it.
    M.A. (Toronto, Ontario)
  • "I lost 35 pounds with Henya and have kept it off for 2 years now.  She didn't just cut my calories like other weight loss programs, she taught me how to make healthier choices and why I would want to make those choices, so eventually (although it was hard at first), I didn't even want to eat the unhealthy foods I had eaten before.  I started to understand how it was affecting not only my weight, but my overall health as well.  During that time my cholesterol levels went down to normal so I did not have to go on the medication my Doctor recommended."
    S.L. (Toronto, ON)
  • "I've had other Personal Trainers, but Henya is different.   She makes me work hard but at the same time the workouts are interesting and fun so the time flies.  My body has changed in ways I didn't think was possible and at 40 years old I am fitter than I have ever been!"
    S.K. (Richmond Hill, ON)
  • "My son was suffering with severe stomach pains as well as being underweight from the ages of 1-3. He was seen by many specialists and underwent many tests but nothing could be diagnosed. When he was 3, I went to Henya and she put my son on a specialized diet. Within a month all of his symptoms disappeared. In fact, he gained weight and grew so much in a month that his pediatrician checked it twice. Since then we still go back to Henya to monitor his health and I can't thank her enough for helping my son."
    T.L. (Thornhill, ON)
  • "The great thing about Henya is she really cares about helping her clients.  She made me feel like my problem was her problem and worked hard to find the solution.  Thanks to her, I look and feel great, and I owe it to her!"
    Y.G. (Toronto, ON)
  • "Henya treats every client as a unique individual and customizes a personalized treatment plan for every client.  She has treated my whole family, from diet and exercise as well as health issues, with remarkable success- I find myself referring friends time and time again!"
    J.B. (Brooklyn, NY)
  • "I am a mother of a very large family, and was feeling very weak, dizzy, sick and was unable to do just about anything. I went to medical doctors and alternative doctors but to no avail. I was finally recommended to Henya, and she changed my life. With sensitivity she adjusted my diet my supplements and my exercise routine. I have used her for not only myself but for my children as well. I will always have the utmost gratitude to Henya."
    D.G. (Baltimore, MD)
  • "For the past several years my stomach aches got worse and worse so at first I tried to avoid acidic foods, gluten and my beloved spicy foods but there was NO change. I then thought that eating "light" by consuming a lot of fruit was the only way to eat, but that didn't help either, as a matter of fact it made things worse.  Thanks to Rebecca, I now understand when and how to more antacids for me!"
    M.M. (Thornhill, ON)