I’m generally not a huge fan of the whole spa facial or body treatment experience. Maybe it’s because I was a man in my past life (now before you start thinking I’m wacko, I’m just sharing the oh-so-hilarious conclusion some freinds of mine have come to over the years due to certain aspects of my personality….) Or maybe it’s because I don’t have the patience to sit and listen to zen/instrumental/trance or some other awful “relaxing” music, while a stranger is trying to talk to me and scrub my face or body at the same time.  And don’t even get me started on the bad-smelling, chemical-laden products most spas use! The few that claim to be using all-natural products usually aren’t, and the ones that actually are (Aveda, anyone?) use products that smell nauseating. 

But every gal needs a facial once in a while, a manicure for a night out, and of course, a massage for those tired muscles after working out. That’s why I’m writing this – to tell you about a cozy, totally at ease, brand new place called Eizeh Yofi, located in Thornhill, Ontario, owned by my good freind – and the only person allowed to know the exact number of pimples that show up on my face once a month – Rina D.  Now, I’m not just promoting her because she’s my freind, let me assure you that I don’t promote anything I don’t beleive in, which you would already know if you are reading this, being one of the 10 devout followers of my blog! winking

At Eizeh Yofi (that’s “How beautiful” in Hebrew, by the way),  Rina does a terrific job with all her esthetics and makeup artist services, but what I’m most excited about is that she uses organic gourmet Yum skincare products, which smell so good you literally want to eat it off your face. Don’t do that though…..at least not while Rina is looking. tongue  The products are chemical free and have all natural, but not harsh or irritating ingredients, which is so important to a Holistic Nutritionist like myself, but should be important to all of you as well. The toxins you put on your bodies through skin care, are just as important as what goes in your bodies with a healthy diet and the right supplements.  So not only are you toxin-free, but you walk out of there with glowing, healthy skin and feeling totally rejuvanated.  As for irritating music? No problem here, thank-you-very-much.  If you like that zen-stuff, by all means enjoy.  Otherwise, feel free to bring your own mp3 player and Rina will pop it in her speakers for you. 

Next up for me? Another facial of course, followed by a mani, a pedi and maybe even a body treatment.  Hmmm, I may just like all that girly stuff after all…….