Real Fitness

Many people join a gym only to drop out within the first year due to lack of motivation. Not knowing how to begin an exercise program or how to use gym equipment is another reason for the high drop-out rates. While most gyms offer exercise programs for new members, they are usually general programs not designed with your particular needs in mind.

If you are serious about learning how to exercise properly and want to transform the shape of your body, Let Real Health and Fitness come to you! Get private, personal training sessions in the privacy and comfort of your own home or office.  There are no membership fees and your workout time is yours alone in a private setting so you never have to feel uncomfortable or nervous. You don’t have to wait in line to use a machine that is “available” and is there is no distracting gym noise, only your favorite music that motivates you.  Please Note: Personal Training sessions are available FOR WOMEN ONLY, in the Boca Raton area.

Based on your individual capabilities and fitness goals, the following forms of exercise may be incorporated into your program:

If you are unable to sign up for Personal Training sessions and/or don’t live near Boca Raton, why not consider one of THESE recommended home-based fitness programs from  Beachbody. Simply by ordering your program of choice through this website, you will have Rebecca as your own personal coach at no extra cost, to help you succeed with your program.

You can also download high quality fun and effective workouts from Cathe Friedrich, at CATHE DOWNLOADS.

REAL Results

Personal training programs are designed specifically for you based on your goals and your current level of fitness. In other words, these are not "cookie cutter" programs, but rather designed according to your strengths and weaknesses. Your body type, posture and exercises you particularly enjoy are all taken into account as well. These programs promote personal motivation and provide the customized training necessary to ensure maximum success.

REAL Busy?

A lack of time for exercise is one of the most common challenges when trying to get fit and healthy. Don’t have time for a full one hour workout? Try our Short on Time program, a half hour fast-paced personal training circuit session that saves you time without compromising on quality or efficiency.

Professional, detailed printed workout programs, utilizing all forms of equipment for home or gym use are also available.