Automatic Rice Cooker – All Stainless Steel! One of the modern marvels – no more watching and waiting for rice, quinoa or steel cut oats to become perfectly cooked! All automatic, the unit includes a warm mode which automatically kicks in to keep the rice warm. This model will cook 8 cups of rice and yields 12 cups of cooked rice. With the addition of all stainless steel, none of your food ever comes in contact with any chemical or substance (like teflon on some others). Comes featured with indicator lights, different cooking modes and includes a stainless steel vegetable steamer tray.

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Most rice cookers are made with a non-stick coated pan that is full of harmful chemicals that leach into your food but this one is stainless steel and still manages to be non-stick and clean up easily! It is also super simple to use – fill with any type of rice, quinoa (or even steel cut oats), seasonings and water and press start – it will automatically switch to warm when done.  You can also use it to first saute onions or other vegetables that you want to add to your rice.  It has a steamer basket on top that you can use to steam vegetables at the same time or make hard boiled eggs (just add raw eggs in their shell to the basket while the rice is cooking).  Get perfect rice and quinoa every time!


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